You know things are getting interesting when …

IMG_7362 (480x360)July 8, 2014. The clouds get all dark and the storm is beyond brewing – it’s pelting us with half-inch hailstones, we’re steering through 90 degree wind shifts, and adjusting for gusts, whitecaps and waves…  We look back and I’m thinking maybe those nasty clouds are a tornado brewing! Not. Yay. Phew.

We are well prepared, with foul weather gear and life vests; close (enough?) to shore and a safe harbour, both of which, within minutes, we can’t see anymore. And funny, as in strange, how I can become so anxious when my husband goes forward on flat waters to do the usual stuff on deck, but we can sail through a storm like this, and I find it… exhilarating. I take pictures… dozens of them, when just maybe I should be trimming the sails.

Sailing provides so many metaphors for so many other aspects of our lives. Focus. Preparation. Distractions. Jumping to conclusions. Making adjustments. Relief. Fun. Fear of loss. Being safe. Taking risks.

You can’t outrun a storm. May as well enjoy it.