In June I was thinking about…

Content Strategies

This article about making mistakes and losing control of your message – or more like how to avoid losing control of it. I like the idea of spelling out the “voice” that you want to resonate with your audience because I recently came across a couple of associations that have no clear “voice” because there are so many people providing content. Actually, that’s probably no worse than finding an association where I couldn’t describe their brand personality in a project brief because there were too few visual clues on their website as to who they “are” as human beings behind the organization.

Why Sales Proposals Fizzle Out

A good Bnet article on reasons why sales proposals fizzle out, but an annoying design feature in that you have to click, click, click to get all six reasons. They’re good enough to share, but I wouldn’t recommend this as a measuring device for email click-throughs, if that’s what this is actually about. They’ll have more people bouncing away because it’s totally irritating.


Mood Disorders – Disabling or Enabling

I have a keen interest in mental health issues because I have family members who have mental health illnesses. Somewhere in my web-wanderings this month I came across Emily Maguire (interesting because the main character in the book I’ve been writing in fits and starts is named Janie Maguire and she lives with the effects of a manic-depressive (bipolar) parent). Anyway, the real person Emily Maguire has bipolar disorder, but “rather than allowing it to disable her, she has chosen to see it as enabling her to be who she really is, even though it means she has to start over again after every breakdown.”

Emily is also a musician and she’s produced a lovely video speaking to how she perseveres. It struck me as incredibly courageous of Emily to share her story because more often than not, despite the best efforts of associations such as CAMH and the Mood Disorders Association, here in Canada, people simply don’t feel free to speak about mental health issues – their own or those of family members – often because they fear that putting voice to their disorder may somehow create a limiting factor in a career, friendship or even a community. From time to time that we all need to decide to make a conscious choice about whether we will see something that happens to us as disabling – or enabling. It’s a good thing to remember that often, despite our afflictions, we have the power to choose.   

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Content Marketing Institute

They have some amazing… content! Their article: ‘Marketing Quant: Are You Still Qualified to be a Marketer? ‘ was particularly interesting. I first heard the “quant” phrase from Michael Seaton when I was doing the CMA Digital Marketing Certificate. But what a great question given the astonishing rate of change in the marcom industry – and the world. If you’re not asking, you’re probably not qualified!

Seeds of Bureaucracy

I enjoyed this article about parochial managers and how businesses grow and expand and the hierarchies develop. The authors paint a picture of how, when functional leaders create rules and policies to bring order to the chaos, they start thinking in terms of “my department “ not “our company” and, to quote, “Their world becomes defined by the piece, rather than the puzzle.” And how all of that comes back to fear of loss. The book (Breaking the FEAR Barrier) when it comes out might be an interesting read.