Is this you?

You chucked your corporate career (or you hit your early 50’s and it chucked you). Then, you decided to follow your bliss; hang out your shingle… and you have had a degree of success, but you’re under-earning or not as profitable as you should be.

Now, time has passed and your business plan is all in your head. And maybe you’re floundering because you never quite got clear about how to talk about the value you offer. Your message is mixed up, website’s a mess or doesn’t exist, and you’re not earning enough.

You hate your elevator speech (and the fact that you even need one), and you know you’re not doing what you need to do to support yourself and your family through this endeavor, despite the fact that you’ve joined BNI and three other mastermind groups, read every self-help book known to human-kind, and paid big bucks for business-building programs where people talk about secret sauce or genius or… whatever. Even though all those programs are truly oriented towards helping you to get clear and to get clients now – it’s still not happening.

You’ve been going in circles for weeks and months, or maybe even a year. Or more.

Worse, you’ve networked until your face hurts because of that pasted on smile. It’s pasted on because sometimes you wonder if your heart’s still in it, if it’s even worth trying to build a business, because there are times when you just don’t feel happy and optimistic, and telling yourself that isn’t so isn’t working as well as it used to – so you skip over opportunities to get out and meet people, because well, you’re just… tired. And besides that…

You’ve got a whole lot of busywork going on. This lack of clarity is turning into a gnawing sense of uncertainty that has diminished your confidence and is threatening to morph into mild panic… and that’s starting to take a toll on your emotional equilibrium and your mental health, to say nothing of your finances, which is affecting your quality of life and well-being, and maybe even your relationships, and it all goes around in a big loop – because it’s all interconnected. And, on top of all that…

The idea of ‘marketing’ makes you want to throw up, because it feels like a kind of in-your-face unauthentic self-promotion that never ends, and even though you know you need to do more to promote yourself, it’s difficult because you’re trying to do everything because you can’t afford to pay anyone else, so you’re starting to feel like a fraud, and you wince every time you call yourself a [insert your word here].

Because really, your confidence seems to be diminished with every day that you don’t work your magic, which is the very thing that you love to do. And self-employment is starting to feel like a euphemism for stuck, or contract worker-without-benefits, or mere unemployment, because really, your business simply isn’t ‘there’ yet, and at this rate you know it’s going to take a very, very long time to get it there… and honestly, you simply don’t have the time.

So. That’s painful. But really . . .

  • You have something big and worthwhile that you want to achieve
  • You know things that other people can benefit from

And even when you are mired in the muck of self-recrimination, you also know in your heart and in your bones that

  • You have a wealth of experience
  • You really can be of service to others
  • You have a passion hidden in there somewhere that inspires you
  • Your heart is in the right place, and
  • You have a good head on your shoulders

So you just need to get your head back in the game so you can earn a good living for yourself and your family and be successful on your own terms.

You know you will feel more confident and able to move forward faster when you

  • Decide once and for all to stop trying to be all things to all people
  • Integrate all of the very best and most unique parts of you into what you offer others
  • Sort out WHO your ideal client is and WHAT they’re willing to pay you for (aka how you make money)
  • Sort out what you’re really willing to do to find more of those customers; and
  • Pull all of that into workable plan that helps you both envision the future and focus on what you’re going to do right here and right now to get there

I can help you with that.

Oh, and you’ll also move forward faster when you understand that ‘marketing’ is not ‘promotion’ and when you realize that you really do have all the internal resources, greatness and capacity you need to be a success in the way you want to be.

That’s where I come in.

I’m not a ‘one-size-fits-all-I’ve-got-a-package’ type of person. I find human beings far too interesting, unique and diverse for that. I’m also not the right coach for everyone. I would like to offer you value, but that comes from my experience and the collaborative work we do together.

So here’s the thing. When a person’s self-confidence has taken a beating or you have lost your energy, vitality and enthusiasm, it’s pretty easy to get stuck and to remain… uncertain about what to do next. And while books, programs and continuous learning can build our knowledge and our skills, sometimes they don’t contribute to greater clarity or build confidence, they simply add to the confusion or intensify the need to compare, or the feelings of not quite being ‘there’ yet, and not being quite ‘enough’.

Sometimes all the stuff people download and all the research and comparing we do distracts us from the real work at hand  – and our uniqueness – so we keep struggling along, because we haven’t paused and gone right back to who we are at the core and what we envision for ourselves, and why.

So that’s where we’ll start.

I believe we all have our own answers – and that each of us is truly creative, resourceful and whole. The work we do together can help you get clear and get moving again. It can help you finish what you’ve started. It’s not easy work, but I know you’re up for it and you can do it, because I did, and I’m much more ordinary than you!

Sometimes the work that is visible from the outside in the most tangible, measurable ways hardly seems in direct proportion to the magnificent amount of effort, thinking, planning and ruminating that’s going on, on the inside. If you’ve ever felt like you’re in a washing machine, you’ll know what I mean.

Often our most significant progress comes to us when we come clean, truly make a commitment to something, and get out of the swirl. I understand that swirl. And if you’re in it, I want for you to find your way back to the happier, more productive, more effective place that allows you to live into your grandest potential.

It is possible for you to thrive.

So call me.