My Community

It’s big but it’s small. People and places that contribute to vibrant neighbourhoods, support the local economy, help people out. Here are some of my favourites. Please get in touch if you have favourites… maybe they’ll become mine too!

Bluffs – Beaches – Guildwood … and some other places too

Alison Stone

Alison Stone, RMT works the knots out, offering therapeutic massage, restorative exercise and personal training from her neat and tidy space in Guildwood. I go in when in need of a good working over to relieve little aches and pains and come out feeling all mushy and fluffy – as in totally relaxed and restored! Alison offers restorative exercise classes – she’ll show you how to get moving again, to improve mobility, build bone density and improve balance… We’re like-minded because she works to help you achieve optimal whole body health and wellness.

Rosetta School of Visual Arts

A dream come true for Marija Barac Jandric, owner and managing director of Rosetta School of Visual Arts in Birch Cliff. The school offers Art classes for adults, youth and children, plus workshops and crash courses delivered by capable instructors – a wide variety of programs to satisfy your creative yearnings. 1580 Kingston Road – at the corner of Eastwood. Office Hours are M-T 8:30am-7pm; Fri 8:30am-5pm and Saturdays 8:30am-2pm. visit

More Local

Cliffside Hearth is a community bakery focused on small batch, artisan breads, specialty loaves, sweet and savory offerings. Owners David and Camelia, put long hours and a lot of heart into making great bread, bring a passion for quality ingredients, and generously share an impressive depth and breadth of knowledge about baking. Together they turn out an awesome array of products from a compact space at the east end of Cliffcrest plaza in the Scarborough Bluffs, and also take their wares out to places like The Butcher Shop, Beaches Bakeshop, the Wednesday market at U of T Scarborough, and the Distillery…and the honey they sell is also sublime.

Momiji Healthcare Centre located at 3555 Kingston Road near Markham Road is a unique non-profit apartment complex offering rent-geared-to-income assistance and a Community Centre offering opportunities to participate in Japanese heritage courses and educational programs and to enjoy a light filled atrium, private dining room. Residents and seniors from the broader community, including my father-in-law are drawn to Momiji for yoga, tai chi, exercise classes and a wide variety of art classes, courses and workshops, plus outdoor Japanese garden.

The Butcher Shop at the southwest corner of Markham and Kingston Road, in the Silver Mile Plaza is an old-school butcher shop; they know how to prepare high quality cuts of meat. Period. Truly it’s one of the best spots in the city to get meat, poultry and seafood; the shop is packed on a Saturday and Sunday, and they employ quite a few young people from the community.

Sweet Pea Soap Company

Owned by a friend of a friend in the neighbourhood, I figured Sweet Pea deserves a shout out. Denise and Maureen make soap – filled with natural gglycerin that attracts and holds moisture in the skin; that are made with olive oil and other natural ingredients like essential oils that are so nurturing to the skin. Find Sweet Pea Soap Company at 3091 Kingston Rd.Scarborough (north side, just east of McCowan).

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