“Gwen is a fantastic coach. She listens and clearly reflects what is important back to you. She is able to draw the lines back to the big picture, and help you break down the goals enough to get you moving. She offers specific tools and exercises, but never gets stuck on these, merely offers them as guidance. Gwen has an ease within her coaching that allows you to feel totally comfortable and safe to explore.” — LG, Coach, Toronto

Client comments on the value of our work together

“Gwen’s coaching style effectively stimulated my awareness of unconscious, deeply entrenched beliefs. For example, Gwen was able to help me reveal unrealistic expectations of myself and of others that were creating tension in relationships. Gwen also guided me to take my own best path to healing – offering best questions to stimulate my internal programming, bringing the ego to the surface for easier viewing and letting go. I have also been able to get back to practicing meditation. I’m making attempts to mend relationships, and can now live with whatever evolves; and I’m rising above the nitty-gritty of self-improvement while moving towards creating a life I really want. I have set new goals, feel more inspired, and am feeling freer to allow myself to experiment in my art.” – BLS, Toronto

Coaching is confidential. Names intentionally withheld.


“Working with Gwen was a very beneficial and rewarding experience for me. I appreciated her openness, acceptance of me and my process yet the ability to move me to take action. Her style of listening to what I was saying and asking powerful questions that lead me to reconnect with my more creative side was refreshing and surprising. It provided me with direction to continue the work I am doing. Gwen is a very insightful, engaging and wise coach. “Thank you so much for giving so much of yourself to me and my work.” — MB, Coach, USA


“Gwen is a great listener. She is compassionate and wise and offers a right balance of challenge and support. Gwen is knowledgeable and has relevant resources to propose. Coaching with Gwen offers support and the right push to grow.” — LD, Coach, USA


“If we had talked then (at the beginning) about a business plan I would have been extremely resistant. Now by merely doing various bits of the work and thinking about the presentation of my ideas to someone else who is interested in investing – I’ve come to see the value of putting things in place.” — TH, USA


“I learned to gain confidence, to think bigger and manage my actions step by step. The support of my coach helped me rise to the occasion. Now I am unafraid to present proposals… and follow up, and they are significantly bigger opportunities than anything I have attempted before.”


“Gwen has a knack for asking just the right questions that really challenge me.  She has subtly drawn me out; in her own unique way she has led me to reveal myself and get to the real work.  She is a staunch supporter, and I have really felt her passion for me to be great and go for what I want.  She believes in me and it is an astounding feeling to know that someone is out there who knows you can accomplish what you are after.”


“Gwen challenged me to restore my integrity. She encouraged me to be true to myself – to say what it is I want, and to own what I had been dancing around.”


“Incredible ability to keep me grounded and focused, and make something concrete – make specific whatever I said I was going to do.”


“She has been a successful career woman; successful in running a business and creating a balanced personal life, so I knew she could guide me along this path. That was the most important thing. I knew she knew firsthand what I wanted to accomplish, understood my goals and desires, and could guide me along that terrain.”


“She’s strong, direct; edgy even, but that is exactly the kind of structure I need.  There is no doubt in my mind that she put me in business and in a much bigger way had I done this all by myself!”


“I think what is most special or unique about Gwen is that she has this passion to help others; it always surprises me how deeply she cared about my success. She has a way of drawing you out to be your best. That is a gift. She is like a sculptor who has to turn a stone or a chunk of rock into something beautiful.  She has this ability, and it is totally subtle, you don’t even know that she is chipping away all that stuff you wrap around you. She has the power to help you reveal who you are, to yourself.” MP-USA


“There have been a couple of pivotal moments – she suggested I take a job that would support me in the direction I am going, instead of settling for something less. Seems obvious, but it wasn’t to me. I hadn’t seen what I was doing.”


“I was losing faith in myself. Working with Gwen allowed me to get my spirit back. The best thing, as an entrepreneur who works from home, it’s great that I am not alone in creating the work I love.”


“If you were ever to write a book, I think it should be about getting the message across to entrepreneurs about where their time is best spent; you made me realize my business is about much more than I thought it was about.” VG -Toronto


“You introduced the need to differentiate myself; my company, from the rest. You showed me the importance of everything having a unified appearance; the ‘brand’ and how the total experience counts, and how that runs through every aspect of my company.”


“Gwen helped me see I’ve got something here, and how I get to play and polish it, and buff it up like a diamond.”


“Opening the entrepreneurs’ eyes; that’s important. I didn’t want to let go. Gwen had to do a lot of convincing to get me to let go. It was that support I needed. And when I did let go, I started wanting to know more about the whole process of business building. I started to want to educate myself. Now I’m clear. This is what I want. Now I have focus.”


“Once again, you have hit the nail on the head.  I love your ability to filter all the images that I share with you and distill them into a cogent set of thoughts.  It is delightful how you play them back to me in a new light each time.  You listen. You hear. You see beyond the obvious.”


“Gwen, you contributed so much to the success of the meeting. A hearty thank you, for that contribution! I appreciated the attentiveness and care with which you diagnosed our situation. I was also grateful for the way you generously made available your expertise to the PD Committee. The resulting cornucopia of ideas will serve us in the present and especially, with regards to the survey, will help us navigate into the future. We are most grateful to you for enabling us to move in a growth-filled direction.”


“I am grateful for your presence in my life and for the fact that you are part of this amazing journey. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Your presence is a gift. I delight in each conversation with you because you speak with such care and heart that I never worry about editing or censoring what I say.  And it is this lack of censorship/fear that facilitates my growth. You offer insight and guidance, without judgment ever entering into the tone of the conversation.”


“I am doing quite fine. Life is pretty interesting, I am now teaching and my learners are achieving their short-term goals. I am busy on a volunteer committee that I love. The closet is clean and organized; the basement ready for its second cleanup; the first one went famously, and I have created a beautiful space of my very own. Life is not perfect – yet, but I am more content and confident that it will come. Every day is better than the last.”


“Last week I was having problems with someone who is not a direct report and we sat down together and had a chat; a real achievement for me. I do not normally take the initiative like this. It went really well! This is something I could not have done a year ago before our coaching.”


“I am so proud of myself; a lot more grounded than last year. I am more assertive, to everyone’s surprise, and I feel so much better for myself.  I also get a chance to make my life the way I want it.”


“The journal you suggested is a relief. I get to ‘talk’ about all the things I don’t feel comfortable talking about to other people. Sometimes when I write, I go wow!”


“I don’t think I was mentally/emotionally prepared to have a coach at the beginning of our relationship and I felt like a failure to need one. My opinion changed about that!”


“I was in a burnout situation and I didn’t even know it. I’m still on a roller coaster – good days and bad but at least I can see – I know my personal life needs to be in order before my business success can soar. Overall, it’s hard work, but our coaching is such a positive experience.”


“I’m getting a lot more done these days and I’m using a lot less energy”


“Glad you caught me on this. As fast as it jumped into my consciousness, it jumped out!”


“Thank you so much for your suggestions and help. You will be pleased to know that I took action, last night, by calling my tenants and discussing the issues.  It went very well.  I had a chance to establish some boundaries and gave them the chance to do the same, and we all came away with smiles.  Thanks for your support on this issue.”