Art lessons for beginners

Designed specifically for where you’re at in your development, focusing on precisely what you want to learn, with plenty of personalized attention.

One to one or small group in my studio – or ‘Art Everywhere’ – mobile art cart – art on wheels… to your location (Beaches, Bluffs, Guildwood, West Hill).

Learn to Draw

A dynamic balance between how to-skill-building-and-technique and more spontaneous, intuitive approaches to drawing. What will you learn? Contour, shape, space, form, value, contrast, texture, gesture, foreshortening, composition, movement, light, pattern, balance… an unique introduction to expressive drawing, realist drawing, intuitive drawing and abstraction. A low-stress, fun way to learn drawing fundamentals and practice new ways of seeing. Wide range of subject matter. Media: Pencil, coloured pencils, soft pastel, oil pastel, conte, markers, pen and ink…

Learn to Paint

Find out what you want to know about paints, brushes, papers and techniques; essential colour palettes, colour mixing and value patterns; layering light, and shadows. Use a variety of water-based media: tempera, gouache, watercolour pencils, watercolour paint, and acrylics. Experiment with a variety of substrates including bristol, multi-media and watercolour papers. Classes are organized thematically with weekly demonstrations and individual feedback, and offer a dynamic balance between how to-skill-building and technique, and more expressive spontaneous and intuitive processes.

Mixed Media Painting & Collage

Experiment with acrylic paints and mediums and incorporate collage materials to create a unique composition derived from the small random bits of ‘stuff and junk’ you’ve collected over the years. Learn image transfer techniques and acrylic painting applications  and go beyond ‘cutting, pasting and arranging’ to developing a strong visual narrative – a story – for a cohesive, impactful piece.

Mixed Media & Found Object Art

Create two and three dimensional mixed-media art using acrylic paints and mediums in combination with found and recycled objects. Incorporate textural and structural objects into your work to change up the nature of a surface. Manipulate paint, use layers and structural elements to create depth, bring variety and a sense of the unexpected to your work. Experiment with composition, symbolism and abstraction and learn to develop a concept for one piece that evolves and changes from week to week or work across a series of pieces to complete a small body of work.