Gaspé visit inspires new mixed media series

©Gwen Hayes Rock Flower Feather_9412-15I had been ‘mulling’ for quite some time. Mulling often feels like a creative drought, but the optimist in me recognizes it as ideas not yet come to the surface.

The pebbles on Rock, Flower, Feather came from a beach we visited in the Gaspé in the summer. I gathered the pebbles on an unseasonably chilly day, transported them back home in a plastic Perrier bottle, put the lot on a shelf and forgot about them for a couple of months.

But one day, I pulled out a canvas painted in 2012, threw the pebbles on it and thought OMG!! this is it… I have something here… add my own photos (I took hundreds at Jardins de Metis in the Gaspé but these photos were flowers in my aunt’s garden in Bancroft)… add a dried to a crisp stem with berries – found… the feathers (perfect match to the paint) and sent to me from my sister…

Inspiration found me and now that I’d started making things, I couldn’t stop. I was so excited… I wanted to hop in the car and head straight back to the Gaspé to pick up more pebbles (luckily I’ve found different places to pick up pebbles).

Work in Progress 9243One after the other (see the other pieces here) I laid down the basis for each piece, and then proceeded to work on them all at once (seven to start), moving back and forth between them over the next three weeks or so, until I got them just so… more are in the works as I continue to refine my ideas.

You just never know when new inspiration will hit and I do feel as a friend said, that this series is “honouring the earth” and also that there is a sense of renewal in terms of how the materials I’ve collected over the years are being used and even in the fun I’ve been having creating these pieces.