Mandalas are geometric or pictorial designs enclosed in a circle. They are tools for centering and contemplation and are used in meditation and rituals in Buddhism, Hinduism, Christian, and Native American spiritual traditions. The word itself comes from Sanskrit for circle; the circle has a long history of symbolising wholeness and eternity. In Jungian psychology the mandala is a symbol that represents the self and harmony within the individual.

I’ve used mandala as a meditative practice and have created hundreds of them over the years. I love the process of making them and guiding people through the various approaches to the mandala. I create them using paint, pencil, acrylic or watercolours for the most part, but I’ve also made them with everything from pebbles to spools to fabric to sand and a whole mix of found and repurposed materials.  Check out my mandala-making workshops.

You’ll notice some of them are quite symmetrical and patterned in their approach while others are not. This reflects of my intention at the time the mandala was created. In other words, my purpose affects my process. These mandalas range in size (the circles) from 8″ to 16″ in diameter. Prints and cards are available. If you are interested, please contact me.

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