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Gaspé visit inspires new mixed media series

I had been ‘mulling’ for quite some time. Mulling often feels like a creative drought, but the optimist in me recognizes it as ideas not yet come to the surface. The pebbles on Rock, Flower, Feather came from a beach we visited in the Gaspé in the summer. I gathered the pebbles on an unseasonably chilly day, transported them back home in a plastic Perrier bottle, put the lot on […]

The impact of seemingly secure

Someone sent me this quote today and it just seems so fitting that I had to share. This applies not just to things that are no longer meaningful, but also to situations where things are simply no longer an option for us and no longer available to us. For those in transition it certainly asks […]

Process Painting at Kripalu

Recently spent a wonderful week process painting with Stewart Cubley, Caroline McCartie and over 20 painters at Kripalu in Stockbridge Massachusetts. I’m looking forward to offering a process painting program possibly augmented with expressive arts here in Toronto – GTA. Call me if you’re interested in participating!      

I picked up my pencils again

Facilitating Learn to Draw classes for beginning artists reminded me that I had been longing to draw more often, myself! And in a world where everything’s gone digital, having a portrait of your  loved one could be quite a gift, don’t you think? This one is a 18 x 26″ drawing… the recipient said “it’s perfect”… which made me […]

You know things are getting interesting when …

July 8, 2014. The clouds get all dark and the storm is beyond brewing – it’s pelting us with half-inch hailstones, we’re steering through 90 degree wind shifts, and adjusting for gusts, whitecaps and waves…  We look back and I’m thinking maybe those nasty clouds are a tornado brewing! Not. Yay. Phew. We are well prepared, with foul weather gear and […]

Solo Exhibition

Over 25 of my watercolours and acrylic paintings are on display at Gold Picture Frames and Gallery Wall here in Toronto – well, Scarborough, along with many more matted/unframed originals. It feels good to show my work in my community and I’m grateful for family, friends and supporters who came to the opening. Since then three pieces have […]