Artist – Writer – Coach – Consultant – Facilitator

Hyphenated means multi-faceted. Never could pick ‘just one thing’.

Self-employed three times now and finally getting as Blake said, “a firm persuasion.”

I love to see people feeling confident and flourishing.

People who have worked with me say I’ve helped them feel inspired and focused, and more open to new options in their lives.

Maybe that’s because I’ve been trained how to ask questions, how to help people set meaningful, achievable goals, how to listen – really listen – and how to help people connect the dots and narrow the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. It also helps that I’ve had a very diverse career in business, marketing, and communications before I arrived at the coaching + supportive counselling + the art part.

My coaching style is ‘constructively challenging’ and my approach to art-making is that what you attempt today isn’t the first, last, or one and only, and it’s all just grand experiment!

I’m a book nerd, fair weather sailor (although I used to be a racer out in any sort of weather), have a huge range of interests. I like being helpful, and I also trained as a mental health peer recovery educator. I collect random bits of information on all sorts of subjects; no doubt it will prove useful at some point. And I love, love, love to paint – so I do that, and sell my work.

When I discovered mandalas, expressive arts and process-painting and did some work in the mental health recovery realm, I realized how powerful these approaches are in helping people express themselves in ways that go beyond words – so alongside the coaching and supportive counselling, I offer art-making experiences, and sometimes teach art classes as well.

Being an artist and creating my own body of work is integral to how I express myself and comes through in my approach to coaching and collaborating with others.

I am absolutely not an art therapist, however, I’m mighty pleased that on the basis of my training and experiences I have been accepted as an AEAP-Member of the Ontario Expressive Arts Therapy Association. I also belong to the International Coach Federation, and Arts Health Network Canada.

So – enough about me. How may I help you?